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To every musician and scientist, this discussion is dedicated to you!

The links between science and music (and art to a wider extent) is by far not a new concept, you can actually hold an argument that they were united in most of their history, as science and art were both considered as philosophy. The root of the western scientific method can be traced to Aristotle who as he explored the physical world created the scientific method, which led him to study scales, modes and harmonic relationships, with the use of weights. from this it is not far to see the relationship: weight = mass = creative energy = emc2.

Yes, it is quite a short cut from one to the other; even absurd. But this kind of thinking is needed now, since the recent (about the past 100 years) trend is to compartmentalize the creative thinking process. But the history is on the other side. Besides Aristotle, Galileo’s father was a famous musician, Einstein played the violin and Richard Feyman played the bongos (quite well, I can attest, as a percussionist).

Another fascinating recent development, is the rise of techniques to study the brain. Neurology is opening a window in the process how music is understood by conscious and unconscious.

I think this is a fascinating subject, where there is still a lot of unknown that deserves to be explored. I also think that the answers can be explored by the people who are at the forefront of each discipline.

So please be open to offer your opinion and observations.

Marc Wagnon