“Drum Talk” is out!

I am very happy to be able to announce the release of my method for music teachers and music therapists, which gives them an introduction to percussion ensembles.

It is available on iTunes for $14.99 since it is made for iBook which can be read on any Mac iPad or even iPhone. I am eager to hear from you with your thoughts and comments, I plan to update the book as necessary. Here is a short description of the book:

“Drum Talk” is a teaching method created by musician and educator Marc Wagnon, combining multi-cultural rhythms (Africa, Middle East, Brazil & Cuba) and does not require students to have any previous knowledge of music technique. This system allows the group to attain a level of complexity that would normally demand longer preparation. Its goal is to give an experience in group music making, and ranges from simple concepts to complex polyrhythms. The book of 10 lessons contains 58 video clips and 86 musical examples.

Read more about it and view some video clips at marcwagnon.com

or on the iTunes store

Drum Talk book cover

Drum Talk: An Introduction to Percussion Ensemble